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Ever since the breakfast-obsessed world discovered shakshuka and reignited their love for eggs and avo on toast, the egg has gone from kitchen staple to the main event. Nottinghill’s Eggbreak takes this humble superfood very seriously, serving exotic dishes, classy versions of fast food options and some of the classics.


The Details

Breakfast was not invented to be a fine-dining affair. At home you’d be in your gown and slippers and even if you have it late, it should be a comforting buffer between you and the rest of what could be a demanding day ahead. With eggs being the focus, Eggbreak takes their decor as leisurely as we take our first meal. It’s bright, pared back and perfect for a casual day-after-the-night-before debriefing with gal pals. This is Nottinghill after all, the vibe is post-yoga eating with a trendy twist.


Eggbreak, Nottinghill

Eggbreak –


Eggbreak -

Eggbreak –


The Food 

Your initial guess was right, there’s a lot of eggs on the menu. Not done one, two or three ways but in about ten yolky options. For lovers of the simple things, two eggs on toast or scrambled eggs with salmon should fit the bill. For a little slice of Americana, there’s the McMuffin with sausage patty, American cheese, a fried egg and sambal, traditional Egg and Cheese Burgers, or Cornbread Waffles with bacon and egg. But it’s not all tradition and fast food updates, this is the land of pricey vintage garb and boutique workouts so flavourful clean living dishes are obligatory.


SMASHED AVOCADO ON SOURDOUGH poached eggs, kale, lime, chilli, coriander £9

Smashed Avocado on Sourdough
poached eggs, kale, lime, chilli, coriander, £9


The Roast Squash salad of pomegranate, goat’s curd, salad leaves, pumpkin seeds and Moroccan spices takes the edge off a greasy fry-up and introduces a pinch of the exotic. This comes in two sizes and we had the smaller portion alongside the crispy Corn cakes with spinach, poached eggs and a creamy Sriracha hollandaise. This is combination is probably the perfect balance between naughty and nice, classic and twisted. It’s spicy enough to be exciting but won’t disappoint if you were hell bent on a tried and true eggs Benedict and aren’t in the mood to take chances first thing in the morning. Get some Charred pink grapefruit on the side to offset any lingering guilt – it comes with kefir yoghurt and pistachio…

Of course there’s extras like bacon, avocado, chorizo and Portobello mushrooms – this is the place to come for all your trendy eggy needs. The staff could crack a smile every now and then though. This would be our only complaint about this bright and breezy concept resto, but perhaps they hadn’t had their breakfast yet.



30 Uxbridge Street


W8 7TA


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