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Burgers are like friends. There’s no sense in limiting their type, character or contents just because you think you’ve already found your favourite one. With Patty & Bun having opened their next location on Old Compton Street you have a new chance to add to your blossoming team of burger buddies with aged beef, fried chicken, lamb burgers and more.


The Details

Casual as they come, this cosy burger joint is filled with the sound of hip hop and cool staff. In amongst the asymmetrical coifs and good tunes there’s a little bit of a nostalgic ’50′s burger parlour feel, with a modern cleanliness that cuts it just short of true retro styling. Bright red paint, black trims and dark wood can be seen throughout, matching with the table centrepiece bottles of ketchup.



Patty & Bun –


Patty & Bun -

Patty & Bun –


The menus are school-reminiscent sheets of lined paper, with pieces of brown paper serving as the most cost effective place mats going. I wish I worked closer, this is the kind of place you want to escape to halfway through the day. The easy-going space and comforting calories would make for a guilt-ridden but good recharge.


The Food

Each site has a slightly different offering so don’t cheat yourself out of this one thinking you’ve seen it all. In the interests of diversity we left the beef alone and opted for the ‘Lambshank Redemption’. It’s a hefty situation so go easy on the sides and starters, you won’t need much else. Unfortunately I didn’t get this same precious advice before I visited Patty & Bun so I started with the Ham Hock Nuggets. Served with herby Tomatillo Sauce, these crunchy fried balls are meaty and more-ish and even better with hot sauce.



Ham Hock Nuggets –



‘Lambshank Redemption’ lamb burger –


Hazelnut milkshake -

Hazelnut milkshake –


The lamb burger was a powerhouse of tastes and textures, filled with feta cheese, pickled aubergines, courgette fritters, cumin ailoi and lettuce – all in a brioche bun. All the major burger food groups are spoken for and you may find (like we did) that fries aren’t necessary when you have fritters.

It comes wrapped in a neat parcel but this burger won’t stay that way for long. You’ll need every one of the serviettes you get because things are about to get real messy. Perhaps don’t have your lunch meetings here if you’re prone to staining your shirts, however any casual occasion will benefit from full flavours and unashamed calorie-busting comfort food. Did we mention we washed this down with crushed nut-topped Hazelnut milkshakes?


Patty & Bun

18 Old Compton Street





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