Westminster Kitchen – A relaxed Grill house on London’s Southbank



Just a stone’s throw from Southbank and the London Eye, Westminster Kitchen makes the most of its heavily-touristed surrounds. This chilled-out grill house mixes Mediterranean inspirations, British staples and international flavours to appease the madding crowds and appeal to our fusion-focussed palettes.


The Details 

Located just off Westminster Bridge, Westminster Kitchen’s fortuitous location gives it more than a couple of presentation options. Here are two of them – 1). Offer a chic venue dripping in crystals and leather with a backdrop of mirrored walls and crazy cocktail prices, OR, 2). Create a welcoming enclave where tourists and us regular folk can visit for a hearty meal before we walk the riverbank arm-in-arm. Luckily for us jaded Londoners, tired of gimmicky, try-hard restaurants Westminster Kitchen went with option 2.





A modern British restaurant and bar that strikes us as a little bit pub-ish and a little bit grill house-ish, the restaurant works for romantic dinners and family meals alike. Exposed rugged walls, hanging pendant lamps, leather banquettes and wood tables make you feel like you could stay here all day. It’s warm and welcoming and our lovely host made sure we felt like guests rather than patrons. It’s not a place to come for glitz and glam but as far as service goes, it’s near the top of London on a Plate’s list.


The Food

Owner  Ibrahim Dogus (also of the famous Troia restaurant), brings the same Mediterranean flavour to this, more British restaurant. The grill selection includes English meats, sustainably sourced fish and Sunday lunch-type meals like Cod fillet, mashed potato, leek asparagus, pomegranate and olive oil. There’s Traditional battered cod with garden peas and tartare sauce, a large burger offer, pastas, loads of pizza and ‘Britishish’ kebabs. You can mix your old faves with halloumi starters and roasted vegetables. Lamb kleftiko sits alongside Beef goulash and Crispy slow-roasted duck leg.


Battered cod

Traditional Battered fresh Cod, crushed minty garden peas & tartare sauce, £13.50


Turkish Veggie pide with mushrooms, tomato, mixed peppers and onions, £9.95

Turkish Veggie Pide with mushrooms, tomato, mixed peppers and onions, £9.95


While there’s something for everyone it’s easy to mix too many themes and end up with a meal that doesn’t make the most sense or is just far too ambitious. Ask for advice like we did – not knowing that Lamb kleftiko was a generous meal all on its own, I would have made an error ordering anything larger than Seared scallops wrapped in pancetta. So make sure you check! They’re not stingy here at Westminster Kitchen.


Westminster Kitchen 

3A Belvedere Road





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